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For dinner last night, we had Alberto's tofu and mushroom ravioli, which tastes almost exactly like four-cheese ravioli. It's vegan and 100% organic (New York), and I highly recommend it. The only problem I had with it was that it was a little tough, but I think that was just due to not enough time boiling.

Over it, we used Middle Earth Organics tomato and eggplant sauce, plus some Parmesan "cheese" sprinkled on top.

All in all, very good. The cost reflected the prepackaged nature of the ravioli ($3.79 [USD] a bag!), but it was a nice Saturday night treat. I'd recommend either product, especially the ravioli.
Say goodbye to your Vitamin Waters, daily vitamins, herbal tea!!!

The government is passing the law that will no longer allow these to be bought, sold, or anything. The US government is going to ban essential oils ex: lavender oil , daily vitamins ex: echinacea and zinc, herbal tea ex: chamomile, throat coat tea, eucalyptus cough drops! EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF HERB OR NATURAL VITAMIN.

This CAN'T happen!!!!

So this means that every natural store, grocery store, whole foods anything will go out of business! So how will vegans and vegetarians get around and survive? How will anyone who uses any one of these survive?

This is the website that says it all.


It's from http://www.rense.com

Seriously, if enough people get outraged and upset, there is a possibility that this might stop, you never know. If not, then you can say goodbye to all this forever by June 2005.


Hi, I'm new... my name's Alyssa and 16... I'm planning on going vegetarian(doing all my research first)... I'm obsessed with organic foods. Especially cause here in Los Angeles, everybody eats McDonald's and it grosses me out how sick they get.

Anyway, to all the vegetarians, how should I start becoming a veg? Should I just start off by cutting out red meats first or pork or just getting rid of it all at once? ^ ^ I'm planning to cut out dairy too, eventually! :)

Day #12 - Matisse

Henri Matisse and the Icarus Love Glove....

I have chosen Henri Matisse’s “Icarus” as the inspiration behind my Day #12 piece for the An Art A Day challenge both because of the interesting designs and collage alteration potential and because of the legend of Icarus for which it was named. Because his eye site was failing, Matisse, in his later years, began to cut pieces of painted paper and make collages of the images that he saw in his mind’s eye. I wanted to emulate his process in my piece for today by creating a collage based on the legend of Icarus that is found in Greek mythology some 3000 years ago.

Daedalus and his son, Icarus, were faced with the challenge of escaping from the Labyrinth of King Minos on the isle of Crete to the mainland of Greece, a distance over water of 110 kilometers (68 miles). By all accounts, Daedalus was a master of innovation exemplified by his work as an artist, sculptor, architect and engineer. He fashioned wings of feathers and wax for his son, Icarus, and himself. He cautioned Icarus to fly neither too high, nor too low, for the sun would melt the wax or the waves drench the feathers. Icarus didn't listen. He probably thought, "It could never happen to me!" when he ignored his father's warnings and thrilled with the power of flight, flew too close to the sun and perished when the wax that was holding the wings together melted. Daedalus flew to safety and later erected a monument to his son, who has remained a cautionary symbol warning of the incautious exuberance of youth.

This not listening to the wisdom of those in the know is what my piece is about. Is it the exuberance of youth that causes so many young people to ignore the advice about AIDS and thrill to the feeling of unprotected sex or does youth have nothing to do with it? Older people do it too, I guess and I am confused about why they aren't listening to the experts about the importance of wearing condoms during sex. Why are they flying too close to the sun, risking their lives every time they have unprotected sex? The estimated number of diagnoses of AIDS through 2002 in the United States was 886,575. Adult and adolescent AIDS cases totaled 877,275 with 718,002 cases in males and 159,271 cases in females. Read more...Collapse )

Organics and Nutritional Value

I remember seeing an article or several floating around LJ regarding the greater nutritional value of organic veggies and fruits because they must produce nutrients in order to combat pests. When they are not exposed to pests because of pesticides, these nutrients are not developed. Anyone see the same articles or something similar and know where to locate them?

Organic Brand Names

I love to eat organic, and I would eat fresh produce out of my garden everyday if I could. But as we all know, sometimes that simply isn't possible. I have trouble finding organic brands at the grocery store, however. I live in a small town, which doesn't help the range of products brought into town. Does anyone know of any "mainstream" and common organic brands that I would easily be able to find in a small (Canadian) town? Thanks so much!

Thought a few might be interested....

Just finished a book "The food Revolution" by John Robbins. It is very intersting and I highly recomend it.

What I was wondering is how people felt about GMO's or genetically engeered foods????
I have read a lot about them and wonder how many I have ate? Do people have opinions and such? Lets chat about it?

thecampgain.org <---campagin to get the GMOs labeled