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So, you ask, exactly what is the 'cranberry', and why is it so nutritious?

The Cranberry bush is an interesting looking evergreen shrub ordinarily found growing in sharp marshlands in the chillier regions of North America.

The actual berry of the cranberry shrub initially appears as a basic pale white, however as it grows and ripens it turns a dark cherry colour.

Even though it is actually a member of the same family as the blueberry and the whinberry, the cranberry is slightly plenty tart, and this seems to complement the pleasing sweetness, a fact which puts it in that strange niche in the food world of ingredients that can accompany meat based recipes and cakes, cookies, fruits, pastries and candies.

Cranberries most likely got the name 'cranberry' as a result of the belief that they are usually eaten by cranes (ie 'crane-berry') - although some people hold the view that the real origin is based on the fact that in the earlier stages of the flower's development, it looks a little bit like the shape of the crane. No matter what the true etymology, the word 'cranberry' is now well established throughout the civilised world.

Cranberries are now a great economic crop in many northern US States, and have a unique and historic place in American culture as some experts believe that they were offered to starving colonists by the aboriginal population. Because of this, cranberry sauce is a significant piece of the beloved thanksgiving meal enjoyed by millions of Americans each year.

Most of the yearly cranberry yield is turned into juice and cranberry jelly, but a larger proportion of it is now sold in its raw berry state as a result of medical claims that it is one of the 'superfoods', having very beneficial nutritional content and antioxidant 'reducing agent' attributes.

In early days, these versatile and tasty berries were cultivated in cranberry beds located in damp marshland, but recently the cultivation is done in upland areas with a water table that is quite shallow. In these cranberry beds, contrary to popular belief, the cranberry beds are not kept 'underwater' but are continually irrigated to maintain a sensible water level in the ground.

Cranberry juice is now sold the four corners of the world, and as well as the better known 'burgundy' juice, is also on the shelves in a clear or 'white' form which is made from the younger berries.

Medicinal properties of cranberries

Some people hold that the juice of the cranberry is blessed with medical benefits that are good for preventing bacteria growth of the urinary tract.

Additionally, this delicious berry has been useful in dealing with a number of other troubles, such as a treatment for open wounds, bowel complaints, diabetes, stomach upsets, and as a tonic for a healthful liver. Some research has been completed which indicates that frequent doses of cranberry juice might even help to lower the risk of coronary disease.

Of course, as with all such medicinal claims, one should exercise serious scepticism - qualified professional opinion is still divided and the correct reason for increasing your consumption of these versatile berries is the observable fact they actually taste wonderful! As mentioned earlier in this article, these versatile and tasty berries are used in making both desserts and main course recipes, with the most popular use being as an accompaniment to the much-loved roast turkey. Don't let this 'regular' use put you off though, cranberry berries are also quite superb when used in sweet dishes.

If you want to try cooking some appetizing recipes using cranberries you can find many of them on the web, but in case you can't wait, here is a delicious cranberry recipe:

A recipe for cranberry cobbler


1 x Thick skinned orange

one cup of water

1/2 cup Granulated sugar (or equivalent sugar substitute)

4 cups These tasty berries

1 tbsp Unsalted butter

1 pack Biscuit dough (to produce 8 biscuits).


Finely grate the orange rind and put on one side. Put the rest of the orange thru a juicer. Combine juice of the orange, the orange rind, moisture, granulated sugar (or equivalent sugar substitute), these versatile and tasty berries and butter in a non-stick pan. Bring to a boil and simmer gently for one min to produce a thick sauce.

Spoon the sauce evenly amongst eight well-greased ovenproof dishes or, into a casserole dish. Spoon the biscuit dough on top of the sauce.

Cook at 450 f for 10 min, turn down heat setting & oven bake at 180 c (350 f) for 20 min longer.

8 servings.

Less than 100 calories per helping !

About the Author: Roger is a recipe contributor at: "recipe-ideas", which offers cooks and chefs a selection of healthy cranberry recipes that are easy to prepare at home.

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Cheap Gas Grills

Cheap Gas Grills

Every American wants to have a wonderful weekend in the backyard of his garden, and doing outdoor cooking. Nowadays grilling is enjoyed by most of the people together with their families. People indulge in weekend grilling as it prepares sumptuous food with smoky flavors and mouthwatering taste. The grilling offer opportunities to prepare endless varieties from Mexican Dish like carne asada to Indian hot favorite tandoori chicken and many more. All enjoys the outdoor cooking like grilling as everything tastes superb and the aromas are simply pleasing and alluring to the taste buds.

The grills have gained popularity and got a permanent place in every American kitchen and eventually gave way to the manufacturers to test and try different methods and technologies which will be beneficial to the customers to use the grill effectively and with ease. A best gas grill will help you to get the best taste of the food you prepare in a grill but if the grill is not of a good quality it will hamper the taste of the food and you will be devoid of the delightful and succulent taste of the food. a good grill not only enriches the experience of cooking but also gives satisfaction of cooking tasty food.

The grills of today do not emit poisonous and harmful gases making it a safe cooking. Certain things should always be taken into consideration while buying a gas grill. One should choose a gas grill, which is effective and does not create pollution while cooking. The gas grill as compared to charcoal is more efficient and according to the Environmental Protection agency, the gas grills emit 105 times less carbon monoxide than the usual charcoal. Most of the gas grills available today are well equipped with the on/off switches to heat up and cool down faster. This feature is absent in the conventional method of burning charcoal.

Many gas grill owners have found out the difference in the flavor of food prepared in the gas grill and the one prepared through the conventional method of burning charcoal. The distinct flavor of barbecued food, which comes when the meat juices drop down the hot surface and then turn into vapors and gets back into the food, comes when the charcoal is used. But the food prepared in the gas grill does not give such kind of peculiar smell. Thus the gas grill is convenient to use, safe to operate, fast to cook and environmental friendly.

The gas grills are manufactured with different sizes and various functionalities to suit various applications. The gas grill range from the commercial gas grills meant for restaurant use and a mid sized gas grills best for those who want to enjoy grilling in the backyard. The price of the gas grill depends upon the features provided. If you want to go for the one go through all the options available and then make a choice.

About the Author: Looking for more information on Cheap Gas Grills check out .gas-grills.org your guide to Cheap Gas Grills.

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Drinking And Drunkards

If you think that people who drink and people who are drunk are all the same, then you should start changing that thought.

The innocent- This is the type of person who looks like he or she could never harm a fly. Those who look like grade school students are included in this category. However, the truth is that this person is really one of the greatest drunkards there are in the face of the planet.

The hambug - This person often boasts of how much he or she can take in. They can come in different shapes and sizes but most of them look like rough and tough people. However, if you drink with this person, you would mostly find out that you drink even more than he can. And yes, he's also the one who barfs up during the sessions.

The in-between - This drinker is someone who is simply the kind of person between the innocent and the hambug.

The silencer - The drinker who is the silencer just remains silent when he is already drunk. Only you would notice that he just continues on drinking but would never make a sound. There are cases when the silent type drunkard is not just so silent when he is sober.

The noise barrage - If the silencer is the one who remains quiet when drunk, then the noise barrage is the one who would keep on talking and talking. Included in this category are also those people who continue on laughing out even when there is nothing worth laughing at. Also, you can include here those drunkards who have got their voices' volume levels up a notch. You can also include here those people who would dance around just because.

The one who feeds the ducks - In short, this one is the barfer.

The best friend - This person turns into your best friend when he is drunk. He or she would be talking to you as if he or she had known you forever. And as a fellow drunk, you feel like you have found your best friend in him or her. However, after the drinking session is over and the drunk feeling is gone, the best friend mode is also gone.

The cloud seeder - When this person is drunk, you would find him or her crying his or her eyes out because of some problem that only he or she knows. However, there are also times when the cloud seeder would share his/her problems and the reasons why he/she is crying. Most of the times though, you would only notice that he/she is crying and you would never find out why even after the session is over.

Venus/Adonis - Venus is the female version while Adonis is for the male. When drunk, this kind of person soon becomes a lover. If you love having some fun after drinking, then you sure would find the Venus/Adonis ready to go. Just keep the proper protection though for you would never know where he/she has already been. And yes, just keep in mind that come morning light, everything that happened would not be a big deal for him/her.

The memory gap - This one blacks out almost each time. You would see him/her looking just right but if you do ask him/her the following morning about what he did, this person would never recall some parts of the whole night. You can include here those people who would wake up in their houses and never remembering how they got there.

Drinking and drunkards.

About the Author: Atomicgirl enjoys writing and finds blogging to be a good outlet for her ideas and emotions. You can visit her blog and learn more about her at her blog - Atomicgirl Writes About Life.

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What are some of the best online shops you can think of? Living in Alaska finding things in real shops is quite difficult so I've taken to online shopping, but I can't seem to find many good ones. Suggestions? As far as clothing, house items, gifts and things.

Wake up!

This community has been slow lately. No one is posting. I thought I would change the layout and maybe that would perk us up a bit. :) I hope everyone likes it.
Any one have any ideas as to what might be wrong with my eggplant? After looking disgustingly healthy the leaves are turning yellow and then brown and I rather suspect it might be dying. It's been really dry here so I've been watering it daily (same as everything else in the garden) ... I'm wondering if I've been underwatering, overwatering, or if it has some disease. I've grown them before with no probs, so I'm thinking it might be disease.

photos hereCollapse )

Is there anything I can do to stop it from dying? I was looking forward to having some eggplants in a few weeks time :/

Oh, and I'm in the southern hemisphere (northern New Zealand) if that helps.

(x-posted a bit)

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Hello All I am 27 engaged Mother of two boys one 7 one 10 years old.
I am starting to be a Vegan-Ovo-Lacto as of today I am the only one in my house hold that is going to be doing it.

I will also be restricting Carbo Intake.

Anyone have any Ideas for a First Shopping List and some Ideas of what it will be like the first few days.
I was a vegan for 4 years as a kid but I dont remeber anything about it other then that I liked eatting that way.
I love salads and veggies and fruits and fruit smoothies.


i'm a newbie!

hello, all! my name is devon and i have been a vegetarian for about 2 and half years now. i have been eating organic for about 2 of those years. some of my friends say i have hippie tendencies, but i don't mind! i love animals and the environment (as well as my own body), so i made the lifestyle change! and it's been great ever since.

Hey all!

I've been vegan for about 5 months & just read Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures THEY Don't Want You to Know About" and I was APPALLED by its contents; It's the reason I've switched over to eating only organics. My only concern is that I'm also counting calories to lose weight, but I'm worried about not getting enough of my necessary nutrients. Is anyone else in the same boat as me/have advice on how to ensure proper nutrition? I take a multivitamin, protein powder, and B12, but I dunno if I'm missing anything...